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Trailer Repairs and Parts

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We stock

trailer parts

Trailer maintenance is great way to ensure you are ready to haul your boat, ATV, hay bales, lumber, cattle, horses, or vehicle, the destination you intended.

Simple maintenance can make the difference between safely arriving with your load or experiencing trouble along the way. 

We stock brake drums, bearing kits, axles, lights and wiring, safety chains, and tires and wheels, for all configurations of trailers.


Break away switches are critical to ensuring if your trailer should ever unhook itself from your tow vehicle it will automatically deploy the brakes. We have brake kits in stock and can install them as well.

Looking for something specific? Give us a call and we can find what you are looking for and have it shipped to Athabasca saving you time and money!

Painting and Sandblasting

Investing in refinishing your trailer can prevent corrosion and rust from forcing it off the road for safety reasons. Decking becomes rotten or cracked, paint finishes disappear from years of use and cracks can appear in the frame of the trailer making it unsafe.

PJ's Mechanical repairs trailer decking and can sandblast and paint your trailer with commercial quality paints to make it look new again and protect it. 


We can also fabricate and weld any repairs required on the structure of your trailer.



5 lug brake drum_92 dpi.jpg
6 lug brake drum_92 dpi.jpg
8 lug brake drum_92 dpi.jpg

5 lug Brake Drum

for 3500 lb axle

6 lug Brake Drum for

5200 & 6000 lb axle

8 lug Brake Drum for

6000 & 7000 lb axle

Trailer Jack 2,000 lb series.jpg
Trailer Jack 5,000 series.jpg
Trailer Jack 8,000 lb series.jpg

2,000 lb

Trailer Tongue Jack

5,000 lb

Trailer Tongue Jack

8,000 lb

Trailer Tongue Jack

Bearing and Seal Kit_5 lug.jpg
6 lug brake shoes_92 dpi.jpg
Breakaway Switch_Tekonsha.jpg

Bearing, seal, dust cover and lug kits for all axle sizes

Electric Brake backing plates and brake shoe kits for all axle sizes

Trailer Break-Away

Safety Switches

Mounted Trailer Tires and Rims

Mounted Trailer Tire and Steel Rim_5 hol


5 Hole Steel Trailer Rim & Tire

Mounted Trailer Tire and Steel Rim_6 hol


6 Hole Steel Trailer Rim and Tire

Mounted Trailer Tire and Steel Rim_8 hol


8 Hole Steel Trailer Rim & Tire

Trailer Tires

There are many sizes of trailer tires available by several manufacturers. Contact us in advance with the size and use of your tire and we can match you up with tires that will keep you safely hauling down the highway.

Tires placed on order can be installed at a date and time of convenience to you. Give us a call today to check out the options for your trailer.

Radar Angler Rst22.png

RADAR Angler Rst 22

This all-season Special Trailer (ST) radial tire is designed for travel trailers, boat trailers, tent trailers, and all load carrying trailers such as utility trailers, snowmobile and ATV trailers, as well as utility trailers.

  • open tread shoulders

  • casing developed to carry heavy loads

  • M+S rated

13 | 14 | 15 | 16

ST28575R16 Bus and Trailer Tire.png

RADAR R-th 621

A commercial truck/bus, medium-duty truck and trailer all position tire is suited for all highway applications.

  • constructed with an enhanced tread compound

  • four steel belt construction

  • notched shoulder design

  • high load carrying ability

  • excellent heat dissipation


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