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Pickup and SUV Tires

Radar Renegade A-T5

The Renegade AT5 is Radar Tires‘ most proven and well-rounded tire for light trucks and SUVs. Tire reviewers say this tire offers a great combination of on and off- road characteristics!

  • a tightly packed center section of tread helps on-road performance and highway stability

  • unique state-of-the-art stone ejector technology helps prevent premature wear

  • the combination of siping and design mean it’s certified as a true winter-capable tire

  • bears the three-peak mountain snowflake logo on its sidewall

  • wide offering of sizes for stock and custom applications

  • 80,000 km Mileage Rating

  • Road Hazard Warranty

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Radar Renegade MT.png
Radar Renegade R/T+

RT tires are a new breed of all-terrain tire that mesh the best features of All Terrain (AT) tires and Mud Terrain (MT) tires. You'll love the looks of them too!

They offers a unique dual sidewall, with a dagger design on one side (that’s actually functional for extra grip) and a skull and piston crossbones design on the other (just for style).

  • unique state of the art stone ejector technology

  • tighter tread pattern delivers better on-road dynamics and stability

  • Road Hazard Warranty

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Radar Renegade AT5.png
Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol_non
Radar Renegade R7 M/T

This all-season mud-terrain light truck/SUV tire excels when when the terrain gets more challenging for either work or play.

  • offers and aggressive off-road tread design

  • superior all condition grip performance

  • enhanced tread life and braking on all surfaces

  • unique state-of-the-art stone ejector technology

  • reinforced 3-ply casing construction

  • high void ratio and open shoulder design

  • special tread compound and wide footprint

  • M+S rated

  • Road Hazard Warranty

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Radar Renegade RT.png
Radar Rivera GT10 All Season.png
Radar Rivera GT 10

The Rivera GT 10 is an all-season touring tire designed for SUVs and light trucks.

Its design delivers all-season traction, safety, high mileage use and a quiet ride. A great all around tire for your daily driver!

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Signature Tire Athabasca and PJ's Mechanical offers a top notch selection of brand name tires for a wide range of vehicles including:

  • Light Trucks

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • Performance

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial Truck and Trailer

  • Construction and Industrial Equipment

  • Earthmovers

  • Forestry

  • Mining


PJ's Mechanical is proud to be the Signature Tire Centre in the Athabasca region and we can source the tire you need, install it and have you rolling once again.

How to know your tires need replacing

Every tire has a tread wear indicator bars. These bars are invisible or barely visible when the tires are new, gradually begin to appear as the tread wears down.


They appear as flat rubber bars running perpendicular to the direction of the tread itself. If more than one or two of these are visible on a tire, the tread is getting low.

Of course when driving in winter conditions worn tires quickly become obvious with inability to accelerate, stop or steer around corners. Winter rated tires are now law in many jurisdictions to increase safety for everyone on the road.

When damage occurs to the sidewall of a tire usually it can't be repaired.

Separations can occur in the tread of your tire from driving over a sharp object. This means the integrity of the steel belts for the tread has been compromised.

If tire have sat in the sun, or have been out of service for a long time, they can become cracked or dry rotted.

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Our technicians offer a trusted level of service for all your maintenance and repair needs:

  • Transmissions

  • Oil and Lube

  • Tune-Ups

  • Power Steering

  • Batteries

  • Brake Service

  • Fuel Injection

  • Exhaust and Muffler

  • Air Conditioning

  • Code Analysis

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