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We'll help get you going


and MORE!

We understand what it is like to have a project underway and be missing one piece to the puzzle.

If you need a new carburetor to make that classic cruiser a pleasure to drive again or a set of headers and mufflers to make a statement at the next cruise night give us a call.


We'd love to have a small hand in making your cruiser a proud part of your family. We have our own projects and know what it is like when you aren't able to get behind the wheel to enjoy them.

Call us today with your needs!

Remember the Days?

Slamming the door to your car meant an escape.

You wanted to feel the road, hear the tone of your exhaust, feel the wind in your hair and forget about your problems.

And, it didn't matter what fuel mileage you were getting!

Have a stalled classic or custom car project?

We can help!

Sourcing parts from our extensive list of aftermarket parts suppliers can help kick-start your project.

Name a brand and we can source the part you are looking for and have it shipped right here to Athabasca. Not sure what part would work best. We can suggest some options for you.


And if you are looking for a little help getting back on track, our team can take on as little or as

much of your project as you want. Tell us what you need and we'll get a plan going.


Mon - Fri: 8 to 5 | Saturday: 8am - Noon

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