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Finance Major Repairs or Custom Builds

Sometimes life brings unexpected surprises like major mechanical repairs, or provide opportunities for growth. Both require financial resources to make possible. Third party financing is now available exclusively through Leaseline, a company that has been serving Canadian businesses since 1993.

  • Over 20 different lenders in addition to an in-house funder 

  • Financing for Repairs and Upgrades to Equipment

  • Personal or Business

  • One Stop Financing

  • Professional and rapid approvals for hassle free financing

  • Zero Down Options

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Purchase and Lease Back Option

Short on cash to take the next step with your business? Use the existing value in your equipment to generate some operating capital to work with. Every situation is different so just consult Leaseline and they can provide you with some options.

Make your dream build a reality

Whether it's a tricked out engine for your rig, a new lift, custom tires and rims for your daily driver, or putting together something a little more special to remember for years to come, there are financing options available. PJ's Mechanical would like to be the one to help source your parts through our extensive supplier list and help[ put it together for you.

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