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HD Diesel Tuning & Diagnostic Services

PJ's Mechanical now offers custom tuning and diagnostic services for commercial diesel engines up to 2018.


We use Diesel Spec tuning technology, a leader in diesel performance and tuning. You can expect 5-20% fuel savings along with increased horsepower and torque.


That translates into big savings when your engine spends more time running than it does shut off! Have a fleet? Save even more.

Check in with us today about the benefits for your truck or industrial equipment.

An efficiency gain of 1 MPG on a diesel truck driven 200,000 kms per year represents an estimated saving of $12,000 in fuel cost annually.

Why tune?

Tuning:  By the Numbers

- 5% to 20% Fuel Economy Increase

- up to 20% horsepower increase

- up to 30% torque increase

Cummins motor.PNG


ISX 600

Cummins engines have gained a reputation for fuel economy, reliability and durability. These are all hallmarks that can be improved upon with a custom Diesel Spec tune. 

It might be worth a try!


Whether its in a highway, off-road truck or agricultural machinery, Cat is kicking butt and taking names. With a custom tune and intake/exhaust upgrades you can reach a new level of reliability, fuel economy and torque.

Check out the options today!

Caterpillar Engine_none bg.png

We tune all other poplar engines

Detroit  |  Paccar  |  International  |  Mercedes

Add a new turbo & exhaust

Custom tuning can be taken to the next level with the addition of a larger turbos and a high flow exhaust manifold. Benefit from quicker throttle response and cooler exhaust temperatures.


PJ's Mechanical can source a new Big Boss Turbo that are made with an industry exclusive stainless steel turbine housing that is robust under tough heat cycle conditions.

Your engine will run cooler enabling the turbo to have a longer life. These translate into savings in both time and money plus it will feel like a new truck!

Big Boss Turbo.PNG
Exhaust manifold.PNG

Contact PJ's Mechanical today to find out more!

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