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On Board Scales

Avoid Fines  -  Maximize Loads  -  Earn More

The trucking industry is under greater scrutiny than it has ever been and if you are an owner operator or a company running a number of trucks maximizing payloads is critical. Time is money and if you are hauling less than you could be, well, you'r leaving profits on the side of the road. And speaking about the side of the road, being compliant with maximum haul weights is critical to avoiding fines and delays. Air Weigh scales is the solution!

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How does it work?

LoadMaxx works on tractors and trailers with both air ride and mechanical suspensions. Air sensors measure pressure in the air bags, and deflection sensors measure flex for axles with leaf spring suspensions. The scale converts the sensor measurements into accurate on-the-ground weights.

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Tractor Scales 

Air Weigh Tractor Scales come with all of the features you need to manage the weights of your entire fleet easily. Whether you simply need to know weights at the loading site, or you’re looking for an integrated solution to better manage your fleet, Air-Weigh tractor scales provide multiple options for your business.

  • Measures steer, drive, GVW, and Net Payload

  • Supports air ride and most mechanical suspensions

  • Dual point calibration – empty and fully loaded

  • Pin protected settings

  • Alarm Outputs: Two, both with warning and overweight thresholds

  • Temperature and Altitude Compensation

  • Optional printer for instant weight receipts (RS-232)

Trailer Only Scales

Arm your trailers with LoadMaxx trailer scales and eliminate the many costs associated with trailers being overweight or underloaded. LoadMaxx provides real-time weights while you’re loading so that you load correctly the first time and get on the road efficiently.

  • Icon-based touch-screen display

  • Available for both air ride and mechanical suspensions

  • Built-in LED alarm lights

  • Dual-point calibration

  • Compensation for temperature and altitude change

  • PIN protected settings

  • Language options: English, Spanish and French

Tractor and Trailer

DROP & HOOK - LoadMaxx is the all-in-one solution for fleets who drop & hook and want to see both tractor and trailer weights all on one in-dash display. Outfit your entire fleet with LoadMaxx and it won’t matter which tractor is pulling which trailer. Steer, drive, trailer, GVW and Net Payload weights will display automatically in the cab without any driver interaction.

DEDICATED - If you keep the same tractor and trailer tied together, then we have two dedicated systems that will provide you with both tractor and trailer weights in the cab. QuickLoad and LoadMaxx provide all of the same quality and durability with only difference being third-party on-board computer integration.

All Scales have a Three-Year Limited Warranty

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